If you have keloids in Brooklyn, then you may be after a treatment method that will work to get rid of them, so that you no longer must hide the area or avoid social situations due to anxiety. Keloids are red and raised scars that are generally caused when the skin heals from large wounds, cuts, burns, and acne. The reason they form is because there is an overproduction of collagen in the skin and the skin works overtime to try and heal itself. Keloids are often unsightly and they can cause you embarrassment, especially when others notice them and wonder what they are. It can take years for them to form and sometimes they show up quickly once the injury has occurred to the area. You may notice that you form a keloid after you have a tattoo, piercing, or surgery. In some cases, the keloid may be extremely itchy and cause you some discomfort.

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Symptoms and Risks for Keloids

There are some minimal symptoms of keloids and you may miss them unless you pay close attention. For instance, a keloid is either pink, flesh-colored, or red and it can be lumpy, raised, or ridged in formation. It can cause itching and irritation, but not always. Therefore, if you do not have any additional symptoms such as discomfort, you may not even think much of it and assume it is a scar.

People who have dark skin are more likely to have keloids, but patients with light skin can have them as well. You will see them form in patients who are under 30; however, older patients can develop them too. A family history of the condition can predispose a patient to them as well.

Treatment Options for Keloids in Brooklyn

There are a few different treatment options available for those patients who have keloids. The type of treatment that is right for you will depend on the size, location, and condition of the keloid. Below are some of the treatments we offer.


Cryotherapy is a type of treatment that applies extreme cold to the keloid that is in question to destroy it. This is one of the most effective and fastest treatment methods to remove a problem keloid.  

Laser Removal

Laser removal of keloids in Brooklyn is offered in our office and a laser will be targeted to the specific keloid to treat it. The treatment will need to be performed over a course of time to ensure that the keloid shrinks and is no longer noticeable.


Surgical treatment is not always needed, but it can be performed to remove a keloid. Unfortunately, surgery should only be considered when it WILL be successful, as some surgical procedures may leave some of the keloid behind. When done correctly, this is the most effective treatment.

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If you want to remove your keloids in Brooklyn, now is the time to call Kleydman Dermatology. We can assist you in the process and provide you with the treatment needed to diminish and remove your keloids. Call us now.


Keloids are overgrown areas of scar tissue that form at the site of a previous injury such as an incision, wound, vaccination, pimple or piercing. They appear on the skin as an irregularly-shaped pink or red scar that is raised above the rest of the skin and continues to grow into areas that were not affected by the initial injury.


Treatment of keloids can vary depending on the personal preference and desired outcome of the patient, but may include cryotherapy, laser removal or surgery to reduce the appearance or completely remove the keloid and restore the appearance of the skin. These procedures are considered safe, but may leave a scar in the treated area.