Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma in Brooklyn is a serious condition that needs to be handled immediately to preserve your health. SCC, or squamous cell carcinoma, is known to affect over 700,000 new people every year in the United States. This is a startling number and it shows that there needs to be some type of treatment that can effectively handle and manage it. SCC is a type of skin cancer that will develop on the exterior of the skin, especially that of individuals who receive a lot of sun exposure. It is common to have SCC show up on the back of the hands, head, neck, and even on the lower legs. While you can develop the condition on any part of your body, it is most often seen in the areas above. If you would like to discuss SCC and what you can do about it, call the experts at Kleydman Dermatology today.

SCC is a type of skin cancer that it is more prevalent in people who lay in tanning beds or spend a lot of their time under the sun. It is not impossible for those who stay indoors to get it either. Some of the symptoms that you may develop include:

  • Destruction of a nail due to SCC under the nail
  • Lump or bump on the skin
  • Red, flat, scaly patches on the skin
  • Bumps and lumps on the legs that are crusty or dome-shaped

It is important to have your skin checked regularly by your dermatologist because SCC can start out as a pre-cancerous growth on your body. If you notice any issues with your skin, you should alert your dermatologist immediately.

Treatment for Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Brooklyn

SCC cannot be diagnosed just by looking at it and a skin biopsy must be used to confirm it. Once the cancer is diagnosed, treatment can begin. The treatment used in our office for skin cancer is the Mohs Micrographic Surgery procedure. This procedure is effective and safe for all patients. This procedure will directly target the skin cancer and will determine how deep it goes and where the roots are.

Once the skin cancer is identified, the tumor can be completely removed from the skin. The reason this procedure is chosen over others is because it is highly accurate and there is a wonderful outcome of a 99 percent five-year cure rate in first-time skin cancer patients and a 95 percent cure rate over five years in recurrent skin cancer patients.

This procedure is most often used for squamous cell carcinoma in Brooklyn and is recommended for this type of cancer because it can easily remove cancer in difficult area such as the hands, feet, eyelids, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.


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