Cosmetic RN, Marina Khazhikarova

Marina Khazhikarova, Cosmetic RN, has been an integral member of Kleydman Dermatology since 2014. Caring for our patients before, during, and after their medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures. As our nurse coordinator, Marina has become well respected among our patients. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate partner in our practice. Her commitment to providing the best experience possible is observed by all.

As our cosmetic nurse injector, Marina combines her thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, caring nature, and clinical training and expertise in cosmetic injections to achieve beautiful non-surgical results for our patients in a safe and comfortable setting. She is extensively trained and highly qualified in administering Botox, Injectable fillers, and performing a variety of laser procedures. She is committed and has a passion for making her patients not only look but to also feel their best. Marina shares Dr. Kleydman’s strong belief that cosmetic treatments should produce natural-appearing results.